Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aurora v1 - Sense

First of all I would like to tell you that I mad this ROM for myself. I made this from the Cooked ROM InFectedAblaze. I had to remove creeds as creeds did not have calculator and memo which I wanted and had samsung apps which I hated. So I have put in and removed what I do not want.
This ROM is a version of Infected and that is why I have merged both names Infected and Aurora to make Sense Aurora. NOTE: The About phone in settings still shows InfectedAblazev2.5.2 as I forgot to change the name and file is too big to be updated a second time. This is just starting and I think you will appreciate this build. This is my first time and I think I will be building more by the time. The later versions will have more applications and different kind of launchers.


What this rom has -

Based on DXKL2 (I tested on DDKK1)
DSP Manager
Auto Zipalign at Every Boot
init.d & Busybox Support
Sqlite3 added & from ICS(Improves Performance)
Removed Samsung Bloatware
Balancer Launcher
Google Music
Widget Locker added and stock removed

Screenshots -

Link for ROM - Sense Aurora

Link for Status Bar - Sense Status

Skin1980 CWM

Installation method for ROM -
1) Download zip and put directly in memory card
2) Download CWM by Skin1980
3) Turn Off phone
4) Boot in Recovery (Volume Up + Home + Power)
5) Wipe Data
6) Apply Update from SDcard
7) Select CWM by skin1980 (Its name was strange)
8) You will go into CWM recovery
9) Select Install zip from SDcard
10) Then select Choose Zip from SDcard
11) Click on
12) It will install
13) Go back using power button and click Reboot System
14) First boot will take time but wait.
15) Enjoy!

Now method for SenseStatus -

Put directly in memory card
1) Turn off phone.
2) Go into Recovery (Volume Up + Home + Power)
3) Apply update from SDcard
4) Select CWM
5) Wipe Cache Partition (NOT WIPE DATA!!!)
6) Install zip from SDcard
7) Select Choose Zip from SDcard
8) Select
9) Now go back and select Reboot System
10) You are done!

Credits - The whole team of Infected ROM
And the one and only the most important ----
My phone for installing software 20 Times and 5 Updates because of Continuous reboots..

Now enjoy this new ROM!
by Androhacker (UK - Xavier)

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