Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hiring started!

Team MIU-Y is hiring. Team MIU-Y is a ROM development team. This will focus on building ROMs based on not working ROms such as CM7 just to give you the look of CM7 and make you feel yes you have a CM7 working phone.

Prior knowledge required -

  • Resizing and changing icons
  • Building ROMs with dsixda kitchen [Not mandatory]
  • Themeing knowledge
  • Framework-res and tw-framework knowledge
  • Know what to remove and what not to
Positions Open -

Name Open Requirements
Testers 20 N.A.
Assistant 1 Knowledge on sources
Developers 10 At least 2 complete projects
Info Finder 10 Take out info

Leader of the team is Xavier Androhacker (UK)

Leader -
  • Xavier Androhacker

Developers -

Info finders -

Testers -

Terms & Conditions -

  • IThose who want to join will have to email to this ID - In email provide -
    • Position you want
    • About yourself, or why you deserve the position (Not applicable in the case of testers.
  • You will be given new Email ID's and names for the usage on blog.
    • You cannot use the email anywhere else except the blog
    • This email has to be a secret. Only me and other users will know about your email.
  • You will be given author privileges on blog.
  • You will be given a banner to put as a sign on XDA Forums if you are on XDA. 
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  1. Yo... so no more updation of Aurora? I like it so far.. and was eagerly waiting for v3.. :(