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25 March 2012 - Domain added for blog. Made access easier. Visit this blog -

25 March 2012 - Xavier Androhacker teamed up with Pawan Yadav to fasten up the build of Aurora v3 - MIU-Y. Declared "MIU-Y will come before Vanilla Enhanced".

25 March 2012 - Aurora v3 MIU-Y ROM
Aurora v3 name has been released. The new ROM will be named Aurora v3 - MIU-Y. It will have MIUI Music and many other MIUI add-ons. Will ba based on modified stock launcher Development started.

11 March 2012 - Aurora v2.1 - Vanilla Enhanced
The development of Aurora v2.1 - Vanilla Enhanced, has begun. There is no ETA. Will be posted on XDA as well as here (First it will be posted here). Keep your eyes on this blog and on XDA.

9 March 2012 - Aurora v2 - Vanilla Released!
Aurora v2 has been released now. Check the homepage.

23 Jan 2012 - Aurora v1 - Sense Released!
Check home page. ROM released!

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